jade castrinos

Alex Egbert and Jade Castrinos are the match made in hipster, indie vocal heaven. The two compliment eachother like a Dead concert and a doobie and now on this track with just “Alexander”, well, you could see how I might think lesser than even a zero – albeit Magnetic. However, if the latest work from his band “Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros” – “From Below” – was any indication it was that this man (and his underlings, including Jade, I suppose) know how to write a song. “From Below”, if you haven’t dabbled – is jaculate at its highest and noblest form, which, will not only get in your ears but your eyes and finally your soul. It’s heartfelt and packed with sheer emotion – raw like the milk they surely drink.

So this solo effort I supplant to you here, below, from Alexander and only Alexander might surprise you in style but certainly not in taste and mastery. It’s sublime. Jaculata of its own genus. Mixing almost a Kanye-cocktail and new-age hip-hop folk approach with his own vocal stylings/harmonies that have made him known the world over on car and NFL commercials (his band’s song, “Home”). Oh and lest we forget the Lou Reed/Velvet U. instrumental swaying in the background? Dabble. But just be sure that just one probably won’t do ya. Jac’ rabbits y’all.[audio:http://vastdeference.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/Alexander-Truth.mp3|titles=Alexander - Truth]